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23:19:00 - Protecting Innovation through Trade Secrets and Patents: Determinants for European Union Firms
08:46:00 - EPO clarifies practice in the area of plant and animal patents
20:34:00 - Sofia City Administrative Court has decided to reject an appeal for invalidation of a registered industrial design due to the fact that the requirements for invalidation – novelty and originality were not met
14:00:00 - New Classification Guidelines published by WIPO
11:25:00 - EUTM application 014297006 Garden CREATIONS partially rejected by EUIPO due to likelihood of confusion on the part of the public
08:13:00 - Nothing new or unusual in the sign “ICT TODAY”. EUTM application No. 13 317 169 rejected pursuant to Article 7 EUTMR
12:41:00 - EUIPO announced that it is preparing for the Second phase of legislative changes which will start as of 1 October 2017
14:01:00 - Sofia City Administrative Court reversed a Decision by the President of the Bulgarian Patent Office to revoke the Bulgarian trademark No 29314 ГРАДИНА GRADINA
08:14:00 - Velikhov & Co OOD, represented by the team of IP Consulting, Ltd. with successful opposition under Article 8 (1)(b) EUTMR
08:10:00 - EUIPO fully upholds an opposition filed by the team of IP Consulting, Ltd., against EUTM application No 13 438 197 BUON APETITO